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Need help getting Studio One 4 to recognize keyboard

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asked Mar 30 in Studio One 4 by davidlyman1 (120 points)
I am a complete novice on this software.  Need help to get my Roland Juno keyboard recognized when I create a track.

I'm using a Windows 10 machine.  Asus computer using Realtek sound card.

I have the PreSonus Studio 24c box.  The Roland Juno is running out from the L and R on the keyboard into the front of the PreSonus box 1 and 2.  The PreSonus is connected to the computer using the USB.  Sound out from the PreSonus is going to a set of PreSonus 4.5 studio monitors [Eris E4.5].

Being a novice, I may not be doing something right and the fix is purely simple.  For example, I may not be selecting the correct type of track for a keyboard being hooked in like I'm doing.  

Is this something which can be answered here, or should I contact the support team?


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answered Mar 30 by Bbd (13,450 points)
You need to setup your Studio One audio device inputs and outputs.

Here's a video that might be helpful: