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Cant upgrade from Prime to Artist

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asked Mar 30, 2020 in Studio One 4 by pantelismand (110 points)

I just bought a licence for Studio One Artist and I try to upgrade from Prime but I cant (my laptop has windows 10).

I have tried 2 ways

1) From studio one menu, studio one activation it says "please provide proper upgrade key" when i paste the key

2) From my account, my products, I press the "upgrade button" under the product key. When I paste the key in the box that appears, after a while  the key reapears whithout something happening.

Should I uninstall studio one and reinstall it?

Thank you in advance for your time

1 Answer

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answered Mar 30, 2020 by Bbd (14,370 points)
Download from your Presonus account and try again.

If that fails please contact support.