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Studio Linked Trophies -- Incomplete version?

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asked Apr 8 in Studio One 4 by paulsuurd1 (190 points)
When I try to retrieve my copy of Studio Linked Trophies from Studio Linked page via my.presonus the link does not work at all. When I try to reach it via this page: I get the following message:

"Welcome to the Trophies download area for presonus users. Important this is a lite version since its FREE. Which means there will be instruments missing from this version. For full instruments list and unlock features purchase full version of Trophies from our online store. Below is your download links"

It only comes with 2 instrument packs instead of the mentioned 5. Why is this suddenly a "FREE" version rather then a full version as stated in the product listing of the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite?

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answered Aug 3 by AlexTinsley (907,080 points)
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As of August 2020, the StudioLinked "Trophies" plug-in has been removed from the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite and it is no longer possible to register that plug-in using the code provided by PreSonus.  

The Studio Magic Plug-in Suite is subject to change at any time.  

Thank you for your patience.

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answered Apr 10 by francescoideo (170 points)
I have the same problem. Recently bought a studio26c along with the studio magic bundle. Said bundle never reported trophies to be a trial version, installation guide on Presonus website shows 5 instrument packs, but when going to Studiolinked's download page I get the same message about a free version and only 2 instrument packs available
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answered Apr 17 by aka_busker (22,070 points)
I have had nothing but issues trying to use the studio linked trophies vst.  I tired sorting it months back when it first arrived.  The website for the instrument was no help and i knew the issue was their end.  As such I ignore that instrument and it's maker.
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answered May 4 by richardfabian (170 points)
Yep same here - got only two sound packs and yes, free is cool, but when you think you are getting the full version, not so much.   It installed fine and you get around 90 sounds to work with.  I do wish persons would work this out with them and get the other packs.
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answered Jul 26 by ashwinbatish (340 points)
I have had the same issue. This is not cool. I hear many earlier folks got all the content files (5 total for PC). I have tried repeatedly to send messages to StudioLinked and Presonus about this. The only responses that came back from Presonus support. The plugin was originally a full version. My last reply from support said they are getting in touch with StudioLinked to find out what's happening. Hope they come through and keep their promise of giving us all the full version.