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Studio Linked Trophies will not load onto Mac Book Pro

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asked Apr 22, 2020 in Studio One 4 by michaelalston2 (260 points)

The Trophies VST plugin sound content packages 1 & 2 will not install into my 2018 Mac Book Pro running the latest OS.  When the installation is near complete I get this message:  This package is incompatible with this version of macOS.

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answered Aug 3, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,340 points)
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As of August 2020, the StudioLinked "Trophies" plug-in has been removed from the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite and it is no longer possible to register that plug-in using the code provided by PreSonus.  

The Studio Magic Plug-in Suite is subject to change at any time.  

Thank you for your patience.

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answered May 3, 2020 by archieinoncillo (160 points)
I just purchased and am having the exact same problems, and I'm hoping to get an answer from StudioLinked.  I'd rather get a refund if this doesn't work right now for Catalina OS.  I'll post a workaround if they shoot me an email on how to.

There's no warning or literature about this on the StudioLinked website addressing this problem.
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answered May 3, 2020 by michaelalston2 (260 points)
I still haven’t received a response from Presonus or the StudioLinked support team.  Everything else works fine.  I guess this is just a wasted option.
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answered Jul 8, 2020 by georgeanderson2 (180 points)
Same.... July 8, 2020. Still Waiting
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answered Jan 11, 2021 by terrelljames1 (140 points)
Unfortunately, you won't get an answer from StudioLinked. It's poorly managed. I follow the owner on IG and he used to answer back when I had issues now he ignores emails and DMs but they won't put a disclaimer on the product. I've even went as far as to ask Bryan Michael *** about it via his IG Live and no response. It sucks because I loved the sounds in the VST especially the strings and one day out of the blue it stopped works with Catalina...even though it worked previously on Catalina.