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Should I use balanced TRS cables for my Monitor Outputs - getting hum.

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asked Apr 14 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by garryhall1 (120 points)
Hello, I am using a StudioLive AR16 for live performance. Due to us often performing on large stages I have purchased two 20m long 1/4 inch unbalanced TRS cables to use for the stage monitors. My problem is that I'm often getting quite a lot of hum from the stage monitors. I'm wondering if perhaps the length of the cables is contributing to this, and if the mixer supports the use of balanced cables instead and if so would this likely affect the amount of background hum I am getting?


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answered Apr 21 by LucasTX (1,300 points)
I would try connecting a monitor using a short (5' or less) balanced (TRS) cable and see if the hum is reduced.  I think 20' is quite a long travel for a line level signal on an unbalanced cable so I would not be surprised if that was the issue.  I use good quality 25' XLR cables for my monitors and don't get any hum.