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USB connection on Audiobox USB 96 is extremely fickle/sensitive

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asked Apr 19, 2020 in AudioBox USB by aaroncammarata (140 points)
Hi all -

I have an Audiobox 96 which mostly works - but if the USB cable is jiggled even the SLIGHTEST, then it disconnects.

The cable is plugged nice and firmly into the box, connected well at the other end directly into the PC. I read the article on using a power conditioner, we don't have issues with dirty power. Also, the problem doesn't happen "on its own" - if I even jiggle the desk leg, though, the vibration can be enough for the Audiobox to disconnect. Basically it only happens if the wire is moved.

One theory I have is that there's something slightly out of alignment internally and it's causing a short / grounding issue within the box, if the wire moves, which causes the jack to move, and possibly make contact with something it's not supposed to. (Either that, or something that is supposed to make contact...isn't. Electronics, amirite? :)

I bought it new from a local music shop, not sure how to go about getting it checked out. It's actually always been like this, but I've only just figured out the trigger that causes it.

Any help much appreciated!

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answered Aug 7, 2020 by borisaranovi (260 points)
I am experiencing exactly the same behavior, and found this thread when I started looking for a solution. I've had the Audiobox USB 96 for 4 months now, so it's still pretty new.

Any insignificant movement of the USB cable causes the device to disconnect and reconnect again, and when my headset is connected, I hear 7 clicks when this happens.

I am using the interface with both a microphone and a headset for work meetings over Zoom, and if I move something that may touch the USB cable, I get immediate reset of audio devices, which is quite annoying.