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Studio One Instruments included in the atom producers lab bundle is not downloading

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asked Apr 22 in Studio One 4 by andrewgallardo (120 points)
I am trying to download what all was included in the Atom Producers Lab bundle in Studio one (instruments, audio, ect) and it is not wanting to download. Everything else that does not involve audio and instruments has been downloaded just fine. It keeps stating, "Network Failed Error." and I check my internet connection, restart settings, fix chrome and nothing seems to help finish downloading the whole softward bundle.

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answered Apr 23 by bryanschuler (290 points)
I actually just finished downloading everything from the Studio Magic Plugin bundle earlier today and I am downloading the last few Soundpacks from Studio One right now. I haven't had any issues today using Chrome, but for some reason, I was not able to download any of the files in Microsoft Edge. The download button wouldn't do anything. It didn't give me an error message or anything like that, but it simply wouldn't start the download. Once I switched over to Chrome everything worked fine. If you are still having issues, maybe you should give it a try in another browser. Good Luck!