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Show all Notes on the Piano Roll and highlighted the played Note in the Editor

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asked Sep 3 in Editing by andypflgner (160 points)
I work a lot with die Midi Editor. It would be helpful if there was an option to show all notes on the piano roll, not only the "C" Note. Another helpful feature would be, when I click a note on the piano roll, that all note are highlighted in the editor.   

For example: If i click the Note "G" on the Piano Roll, all "G" Notes (in the same octave ) in the marked area are highlighted.

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answered Oct 2 by shahroozbehnampoor1 (530 points)
Hi i agree with you too.That added all key name in piano piano rool FlStudio.When playing, the notes are marked with a piano rool Fl studio.When you move the midi clip.Be it possible
.The midi note stay constant like fl studio