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Add track window is different than what it should look like

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asked Apr 29 in Studio One 4 by alexreich1 (150 points)
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Hi everyone, I'm new recording and all this fun stuff, this is my first experience using a DAW, audio interface, etc.

So the audio interface I have is the Pre Sonus Studio 24c, and I followed a few videos on how to setup the inputs and outputs, but when I go to add a new track this is what comes up:

And then when I click on outputs and inputs:

Now from research I've done and screenshots of the same add track, this is what comes up:

So it doesn't give me the preset or format options.

Then when I try to record anything, nothing happens, but when I have my guitar plugged into the interface I do get sound though.

Anybody have any idea how to fix this?

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answered Apr 29 by joegilder (13,300 points)
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See that pull-down that says "Instrument"? That's for virtual instruments. What you want is an audio track. Change it to Audio, and you're all set.