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I have upgraded Studio One Pro 4 but none of the instruments are XT versions Impact Xt, Presence XT, etc.

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asked Apr 29, 2020 in Studio One 4 by kenburg (120 points)
My original install of S1P4 had Impact, Present, etc. but upgrading has never upgraded these to the XT versions. I have the XT soundsets for a few but nothing to play them with. How do I upgrade the software included with

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answered May 4, 2020 by gregdenson (7,900 points)
Try opening S1, then go to studio one\studio one installation. Click on check for available downloads. Expand the folders, and check any boxes that don't show installed, then click install.

After you're done with that, go to studio one\extensions, click check for updates, then activate any extensions.