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MIDI Controllers Not Recognized -- when adding a new external device.

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asked Apr 30, 2020 in Studio One 4 by byronford (200 points)
MIDI Controllers Not Recognized when adding a new external device.

Tried a new Alesis V25, then tried an old Oxygen8 (installed most current software for both).

Neither device will appear in 'Receive From' dropdown box when attempting to add external device.

(As a test, both controllers did trigger notes within Bandlab's online DAW.)

Had NOT attempted to connect a controller when using S1 v.4.5.5 — only tried it for the first time after updating to 4.6

S1 4.6 / HP i7 / win10x64 /16g / Audiobox USB 96

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answered May 16, 2020 by gonalocarneiro (200 points)
did you solve this? happened the same to me
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answered May 16, 2020 by byronford (200 points)
edited May 18, 2020 by byronford

***Update*** 05-18-2020

I'd been having hard drive issues, so I decide to go on and get  new one. 

Obviously the computer is super fast and had to reinstall everything, including S1.  The Alesis V25 was immediately recognized when I added it as an external device.

Here's what Presonus Tech Support told me:

"From your findings it appears that there is a specific issue with those devices and compatibility with Studio One 4.

From researching the websites of the manufacturers, the instructions for installing the devices in Studio One relate only to Studio One v.2.  It is, therefore, entirely possible that the keyboards have been discontinued and the devices drivers just simply will not work in Studio One 4. 

So, I recommend you email their support to confirm or deny this theory.

I'm gonna send this message to Alesis tech support and see what they say.