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re-arrange/re-order midi controls of external controllers

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asked Jun 3 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by MaximilianCascone (240 points)
I'm becoming more adept at handling my MIDI equipment and projects in Studio One. However, a frustrating issue is when I adjust a control on the surface, such as a knob or pad, and it's added as a new item at the end of the controller's configuration list. I cannot move it back to its original position. While it might not affect functionality, I prefer the visual arrangement of the controls on the screen to mirror their physical layout. Unfortunately, there's no direct method to reorder these elements on the screen. The only workaround seems to be removing and then re-adding each obstructing control, which is impractical in complex setups and discourages experimentation. Is there a way to rearrange the knobs and faders in the configuration screen, possibly through drag-and-drop or another method? Even a popup allowing for reordering would help. Thanks!

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