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unknown noises like an old super 8 film projektor only on canal 1

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asked May 1 in MyPreSonus Questions by frankkollmann (120 points)
Dear all,

I have a PreSonus 26c. some weeks old. I use it with an iMac via USB and 2 Micros. The Kanal 1 is making noises like an old super 8 Filmprojektor. It is to hear before and after the record if its quiet. Further I can see the rythm in the level display. I tested it with changing the cables and Micros  from connection 1 to 2 with the same result. Canal 1 is further making the noises. Only if I turn the regulator 1 in direction down the noises are more quiet. But that is not the target to put the lever down. Is my PreSonus eventually defekt? What can I do?

If posible give me an answer in German. Thank you



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