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Presonus RML16Ai with Windows 10/7 + Studioone 4.5 Does not work

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asked May 4 in MyPreSonus Questions by saaimabrar (250 points)

I have RML16Ai and Cs18Ai with Presonus Studioone 4.5. At Startup Studioone 4.5 notifies for not able to record. In the audio Setup i am unable to choose Presonus firestudio (The Audio Device Presonus Firestudio has failed to start correctly before. Do you want to try again). Even trying for multiple attempts it keeps failing. 

My Setup:

1. Windows 7 Ultimate/ Windows 10 (Tried on both OS 64bit Versions)

2. Studiolive cs 18Ai (Control Surface)

3. Studiolive RML 16Ai

4. Presonus AVB Switch 


Unable to connect Connect RML16AI with Studioone 4,5 Software.

Control Surface 321.576.77 has no issue connecting to both the CS and RMl16i

OHCI info

Studioone 4.5 Error.

Please need your Support guys.

I tried both Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and Windows 10 64 Bit Versions. Still the issue remains the same. Even opened Support Ticket with Presonus however the issue remains intact and unsolved.

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