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What steps should I follow to share Studio One V4 Professional over Zoom on a Windows machine?

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asked May 5, 2020 in Studio One 4 by jonathanhigham (540 points)
I have been trying to share my screen on my Windows Lapttop and the sound with a friend 100 mies away so he can see me edit the Studio One song and hear the results. But, there isnt anything on the internet to help - there is for Mac's and other DAWs but not this combination. Help please!

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answered May 5, 2020 by joegilder (13,670 points)
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There's not a simpler way to do this. You'll need some sort of external solution to route the signal back to zoom, or a software solution, like Loopback for Mac. Not sure what alternatives there are on the PC. However, remember that audio quality on things like Zoom is terrible, so you won't be able to get any sort of good sound through Zoom, so maybe not worth doing?

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