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Not detected in UC

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asked May 15 in FaderPort 8 by oliverjohnson7 (160 points)
So I've had my Faderport 8 around a week and I have it plugged directly into my iMac via the USB cable that came with it. It works fine until I've finished for the day and I turn it off at the back. I tend to leave my Mac on all the time so when I then go back to it, I turn the Faderport back on but Universal Control now no longer see's it. If I disconnect and reconnect the USB it see it instantly but that's the only way to get UC to see it.

That's not normal right? That's suggesting not enough power to be detected, as if the power switch isn't actually cutting the power just turning the display off and so the host computer can't detect when it's on again.

I'm running the latest firmware, the latest version of UC and running OSX 10.15.4

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