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Export mix clips at moderate level.

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asked May 16 in Studio One 4 by jonathanwilson8 (180 points)
Hey peeps! New to Studio one, been away from recording, had Pro Tools (been about 6 years).

Anyway, when doing a mix export, it comes back with *** db + clipping; even with moderate mix levels!  Any tips?



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answered May 17 by cdricblanqui (1,460 points)

Check your mix with a VU Meter. Somewhere on one of your tracks there's a sound going over 0db

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answered May 17 by jonathanwilson8 (180 points)

Thanks  cdricblanqui! It seemed that all levels were ridiculously tame @ or below 0 db. I have migrated from protools (been about 6 years since last boot up there) and never experienced this before. I'll try the VU with overall mix. Give it a shot! Thanks again!