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How do I properly use the Digital Return Button so mixer sound comes thru iMac?

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asked May 19, 2020 in Capture for StudioLive by boblaird (170 points)

My prior question asked how to have the sound from our StudioLive┬« 32.4.2AI connect through the iMac? 
The goal is to send this mix out for our streaming worship so we can use our house mics and instruments.

We are using StreamYard for the time-being until a more permanent solution can be found. 

StreamYard allows us to "share" whatever is coming from the iMac, including sound. 
The instruction was to use the Digital Return Button as found in the manual at 4.3.1. 
We were not connected via FireWire so, once we got one, I attempted to make this work

The FireWire connection is working (as far as I can tell) but, engaging the Digital Return Button only eliminates the sound from the mixer's Main Output.  

Where might I look now for additional answers?  

Thank you!  


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