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How do I upload the audio to places other than soundcloud

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asked May 20, 2020 in Studio One 4 by rosemarytekata (130 points)
I'm using studio one 4, presonus audiobox usb 96, and So far all I'm able to do is upload the audio to Soundcloud, I've been trying to find ways to change the file that other platforms can use but its no use, is it possible to use presonus audio to put into a video editor and post on youtube? is it possible to post to youtube or other medias fullstop? Any insight would be highly appreciated.

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answered May 20, 2020 by isaaccharles1 (170 points)
You have to export it to a wav. file to save it to you pc as audio so you can upload it to another place. go to "song" at the top left of the screen(by file/edit/ect.), click "export mixdown". then continue from there.

hope this helps.
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answered May 23, 2020 by tothrec (31,920 points)
It doesn't have to be WAV.  It can be MP3 as well.