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We can detach the mixer, but can we make it an actual separate window?

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asked May 20 in Look and Feel by georgetsurkan (130 points)
Hey guys!!! So I recently switched over from Logic X, and really loving Studio One. One thing I noticed since I work on an iMac, in Logic I was able to pull up a totally separate mixer window that I was able to minimize-maximize-full screen it, etc... I enjoy working in a full scree view. It would be nice to have the mixer not just detach... but actually get it’s own separate window. Thanks!

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answered May 21 by jaywelter (390 points)
I can't imagine that could be a default, in case a user is working with only one monitor - where would the mixer window appear, besides right over the main window/timeline?  It could be a user-configurable setting, possibly " [  ] Open Mixer in Monitor (2, 3...) ".  I pop mine out, move it to other display, and maximize it.  That setting is saved with that song and whenever I come back into that song, the mixer opens in that monitor (#2, in my case, I have four; one for main window/timeline, one for mixer, one for the track/part editor and one for effects and instruments.
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answered May 22 by ryanm1 (5,110 points)
Yes you can. Click the arrow above I/O at the top left of the mixer window.

The other answer is talking about making it default, which I don't think you asked for.
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answered May 24 by jasonwilmans (840 points)

There's a button for that in the top left of the mixer view.

EDIT: noticed you mean actually separate. No I believe that isn't possible atm.