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We can detach the mixer, but can we make it an actual separate window?

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asked May 20 in Look and Feel by georgetsurkan (210 points)
Hey guys!!! So I recently switched over from Logic X, and really loving Studio One. One thing I noticed since I work on an iMac, in Logic I was able to pull up a totally separate mixer window that I was able to minimize-maximize-full screen it, etc... I enjoy working in a full scree view. It would be nice to have the mixer not just detach... but actually get it’s own separate window. Thanks!

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answered May 21 by jaywelter (410 points)
I can't imagine that could be a default, in case a user is working with only one monitor - where would the mixer window appear, besides right over the main window/timeline?  It could be a user-configurable setting, possibly " [  ] Open Mixer in Monitor (2, 3...) ".  I pop mine out, move it to other display, and maximize it.  That setting is saved with that song and whenever I come back into that song, the mixer opens in that monitor (#2, in my case, I have four; one for main window/timeline, one for mixer, one for the track/part editor and one for effects and instruments.
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answered May 22 by ryanm1 (7,170 points)
Yes you can. Click the arrow above I/O at the top left of the mixer window.

The other answer is talking about making it default, which I don't think you asked for.
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answered May 24 by jasonwilmans (870 points)

There's a button for that in the top left of the mixer view.

EDIT: noticed you mean actually separate. No I believe that isn't possible atm.

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answered Jun 12 by LHandley (2,940 points)

Your question lacked an important detail: are you using multiple monitors and wanting to have a full-screen mixer on a different monitor from the Edit/Arranger window? If that's what you're asking, you can certainly do that. This is the way I always work in S1. As in the pic in jasonwilmans' answer below, click the 'Detach' button. This makes the mixer a separate window. You can then drag it to your second monitor and maximize it. If you create a template with that arrangement, it would effectively be the default, at least for any song you base on that template. You could also maximize it on the one screen if you only have one, but you'll be switching between them a lot.

My apologies if this isn't what you were asking

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answered Jul 20 by alanmendelevich (440 points)

This is a very good request and the issue is the same on Windows 10 as well. Most commenters here don't realize that the detached mixer window is not actually a "window" in the operating system sense. The whole Studio One is just one window as far as the OS is concerned. My workflow in Reason was/is to place the sequencer and mixer on separate virtual desktops so I can quickly switch between them on a keyboard (ctrl+win+left/right on Windows, ctrl+left/right on a Mac). Here's how it works with Reason (and as I understand from OP in Logic as well). You can't do this in S1 at the moment which is a shame.

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answered Jul 20 by simoncarlstedt (1,660 points)
This is actually a big deal in my mind. Seperating the window so that Windows/macOS recognizes it as a seperate window will enable me to speed up my workflow by snapping it to different places on my screen. Awesome if you use PowerTools for Windows.