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[Feature Request] Multi-user Compatibility/Quarantine Mode?

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asked May 25, 2020 in Recording by anatolebrajot (180 points)

Hi, I am the guitarist for a blossoming band called Leaves of August. We have already recorded and produced our first album and are very happy with it. We have been recording and making songs recently, but to work on the same projects we have to send each other the files for songs or watch the other person edit and tell them what to do. While this problem isn't super urgent, it would be nice o have some kind of "Quarantine Mode" so that band could write music together at the same time. this means that multiple user could be on the same project, editing and mixing, and be able to see the changes the other might be making. This wasn't a huge problem in the past, but now that COVID - 19 has us all at home, many bands are having to work around it. The thing is we are young teenagers and have an abysmal budget, so if this feature is introduced, please add the feature to studio one 4 artist. I understand that my friend would probably have to buy a copy of his own to be able to use this feature (we currently just have my copy on two different computers, being his and mine) but there's a higher chance of us getting another copy of artist. I hope you take this into consideration, as this doesn't seem like an easy task for you. If you do, though, Thanks!  wink

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