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How do you export Studio One tracks from one computer to another computer?

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asked Feb 16, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jeremyperkins2 (160 points)
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I use studio one on my apple laptop and my apple desktop. So I may do a song on one and want to transfer it to the other. I exported it on one of the daws and saved it to my jump drive successfully but when I gone to open the jump drive on the other machine to import the files weren't in the folder to be chosen to import. Can some one tell me how to do this?

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answered Feb 16, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,820 points)
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To make sure you are transferring the songs properly in StudioOne from computer to computer follow these instructions. This is essential as the songs are stored in a folder located, by default, in your Documents → StudioOne → Songs folder. Each song folder has a Media folder and Cache folder as well as a song file, there may be additional folders located that are essential as well. You must make sure you are transferring the entire song folder and relative external files that may be present on your system OUTSIDE of StudioOne.

Info on transferring songs and projects properly from one computer to another.

1. Make sure all the SAME Sound Sets and effects libraries are installed on BOTH computers.

2. Make sure the Options section in the contextual menu option: StudioOne -[in the drop down select]-> Options -[in the sub menu select]-> Locations. Make sure the option "Ask to copy external files when saving" is checked. Then in the browser under the POOL section also right click and make sure that same option is also selected, "Copy External Files". Then save the song in question and proceed with the following.
3. All sound set libraries in version 2 are transfer-able. So you can download and send any sound set to a colleague over an FTP sight and then they can drag and drop it into the StudioOne start page to install it to their default location for their sound sets. This will ensure that any sound sets used in the file you are sharing with them will be present on their machine as well.
IMPORTANT NOTE ON EXTERNAL FILES - (User created presets, sound sets, external effect libraries, etc) If there is a MISSING FILES warning, use the locate missing files and point to the sound sets or external file in question. Again, if StudioOne is trying to reference a file that was present on the FIRST machine during the recording and then on the second machine that file was not properly transferred or was not installed on the second computer then you WILL get a missing files message.  

To make sure you are transferring the songs properly in StudioOne from computer to computer follow these instructions:

Select the [ File ] in the menu bar with your song open.

Select [ Save To New Folder ], browse to the drive you want to save to, perhaps a flash drive or other external hard drive or even just another folder on say your desk top, select the file extension you wish to save as.

Hit Save.

If you are transferring with an FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) you will need to zip the file up as a zip file.

Now when you bring the HDD/Flash drive to the other computer or transfer the zip file to the other computer. If you have transferred with an FTP like Drop Box, you will need to unzio the file.

Open StudioOne to the start page and select the [ File ] and [ Open ], browse to the external HDD or folder you have transferred and unzipped and open the song file and select the song file.

Once the song is opened, you can then save the song by selecting save as and saving it to the default location you save your songs to, this will successfully save the song to your new computer, recreating the folder structure needed for the song to be recalled on that computer and you will no longer need the external HDD.