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Moving songs from one computer with Studio One 3 Artist to another with Studio One 5 Pro

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asked Jul 29, 2020 in Studio One 5 by billyvankeuren (120 points)
I have Studio One 3 Artist on my old computer running Windows 8.1.  I bought Studio One 5 Pro but couldn't install it because it needs Wi does 10 to operate. I was unsuccessful upgrading Windows on old system, so bought new computer to handle it. I have no clue how to get my songs and the associated sounds over to new system.  Please help. The one drum kit I used for EVERYTHING is no longer part of the kits and I really don't want to rebuild another kit.

Thanks in advance.

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answered Jul 29, 2020 by cdricblanqui (7,530 points)

You can copy the song directories and soundsets (and other files too) you used to your new computer in the same directories (i think the directories names are identical btw 3 and 5)  - However i'm not sure soundsets from V3 will be ok with V5.