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Block size in Studio One not in sync with Studio 192 block size in Universal Control

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asked May 27, 2020 in Studio One 4 by arthurzatarain (1,700 points)
I use Windows and S1 Pro, Studio 192, all latest software versions. While troubleshooting audio problems with my Studio 192 I noticed that the Device Block Size in Studio One options doesn't always stay in sych with the Block Size in Universal control. I thought the block size (and other) settings were linked, but now I am unsure.

There is some interaction where changing the block size in S1 will also automatically change it in UC. But the interaction isn't consistent. I now see that (for example) I can use UC to set the S192 to 1024 while setting S1 to 64. If I change S1 to 2048 the setting of 1024 in UC doesn't change. But if I change UC to 256 the same setting of 256 automatically appears in S1. So there is clearly some interaction between UC for the device and S1 for the DAW, but I don't understand how to properly use it.

I see info on the Presonus site (and elsewhere) about "locking" the internal block size to the device block size, but I have not seen any checkbox for this feature. Perhaps it is obsolete info. I also see info about Windows "safe mode" for audio and I haven't seen any check boxes or menu settings for that either.

I am guessing that changes in S1 over time had revised the setup procedures that aren't reflected in older postings. I hope someone can explain the proper audio setup for Studio One and a Studio 192 on Windows that is appropriate for latest versions of everything in May 2020.


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