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20 Gbps or 40 Gbps TB3 cable for Quantum 2626?

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asked Jun 3 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by hesselstavast1 (210 points)
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I just got a Quantum 2626 and regrettably it doesn't come with a TB3 cable.
Now my Quantum 2626 will be at least 1,5 m away from my Mac so I'll probably need a 2M TB3 cable. and as ya'll know, those are quite expensive.

Will a 20 Gbps TB3 cable suffice, or do I really need to shelf out €90 for a 40 Gbps TB3 cable?

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answered Jun 6 by kitwatson (630 points)
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I just rode a long support train with Sweetwater and PreSonus on this, and I'm going to give it you in a nutshell. I have had a Quantum 2626 for a couple of months now. At least once a day, it would randomly fall into fault mode and freeze up (froze up my iMac on several occasions, too). All the front panel input LEDs would suddenly glow solid red for 5 seconds, and then the unit would be effectively dead. Only a restart would bring it back. Ultimately, the problem was determined to be the cable. I was using the StarTech 2-meter passive 20 Gbit/sec cable that Sweetwater bundled with the Quantum. On the direction of PreSonus, I swapped that cable out for an Apple 0.8-meter active 40 Gbit/sec Thunderbolt 3 cable, and all my issues vanished. The cable, as it turns out, is a critical component in the use of an interface like the Quantum 2626. Find a way to get your 2626 closer to your Mac, spend the 40 bucks, and get that cable.

It's not the cable you want, it's the cable you need.

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answered Jun 11 by stefanoschipani (140 points)
i'm using the original apple cable that i got in bundle with my macbook pro 16. It doesn't work, the error message says that i have to use a full compatible TB3 cable... what the f... i use the ORIGINAL APPLE CABLE

what can i do to solve this problem ? buy  a 0,8 TB3 cable??

thx for your help

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answered Jul 9 by kirkeeb (350 points)

Hey there!

I have a 2014 Mac Mini with my 2626 12 feet behind me in a rack. I am using the 5.5 meter Corning TB Cable and it works like a charm! A lil pricey but it was the only cable available that runs that length and longer. There is a link on the webpage where to buy them.

Good Luck!