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Suggested: Granular Selection Options In MIDI Editor

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asked Jun 12, 2020 in Editing by LHandley (3,490 points)

When using the MIDI editor, there are times I want to use Select All in order to select all of only a certain thing. Unfortunately, Studio One selects EVERYTHING, events like pitch bend, etc., as well as all MIDI notes. Here's what I'd love to see:

  1. When the mouse cursor is clicked the area for Pitch Bend, Modulation or Aftertouch events, 'Select All' should select all of the viewed events, but NOT the MIDI note events. As it is now, if I wanted to delete all aftertouch events in a clip or track, I have to drag to select them. If I use 'Select All', and hit Delete, I'd be deleting the MIDI note events as well as the aftertouch events.
  2. It should be possible, in the MIDI notes area, to select all instances of a particular note with one or two clicks, and be able to choose between all instances of a particular note in the current clip or all of that note for the entire track. This could take the form of right clicking a note on the piano roll and having 'Select All In Clip' and 'Select All On Track' on a context menu. Example: Let's say I have  bass line whose scale I want to change from major to minor. I should be able to select every instance of the major third of that scale and nothing else, then just drag all the notes down by a semitone.
If either or both of these features are already implemented, please accept my apology and explain how to do it.

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