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Midi Editor: Please add an option allowing us to un-check "Selection snaps to grid"

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asked Jun 28, 2020 in Editing by fschmidt (5,990 points)
edited Jun 28, 2020 by fschmidt

Inside the midi editor:

If you start to drag a selection
beginning shortly after the beat,
immediately the "area of selection" snaps to the beginning of the beat,
as longs as the grid is turned on.

In other words: You can't select what you select.

I find this to be on of the most annoying and un-intuitive behaviors inside the midi editor:
You always have to disengage the grid first, just do make a free selection,
then turn it back on in order to move notes inside the grid.

(Unfortunately holding Shift before clicking does not change this behavior.)

Problem: The selection tool inside the midi editor works like a range selection tool
even though the result is just a selection of notes!

In first place it should be possible
to make a free selection
independently form the grid.

In second place - if you hold down shift -
the selection tool could work as a snapping range-tool
like its doing now by default.

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