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How do I monitor audio on a Windows laptop when recording and playing back Dante audio?

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asked Jun 17, 2020 in Studio One 4 by clarethompson (120 points)
Our church currently has a Dante network. We want to use a Windows laptop with DVS, ASIO, and Studio One 4 to mix the streaming audio. In SO4, I'm successfully able to input 16 channels from the Dante network and output channel 17-18 (via SO4 mains) to the Dante network for streaming. The laptop is in another room from the FOH mixer and video streaming computer. When I have a pair of headphones plugged into the laptop, I can't find a way to monitor the mains. In SO4 setup, only the DVS is listed for input and output.

The laptop will be in the sanctuary during the traditional service so the FOH audio tech or video streaming tech can mix the streaming audio which is generally a couple of mics and a piano etc.. During the contemporary service, the laptop will be moved into a separate room and ran by a dedicated streaming audio tech for a full praise band. We decided to use a laptop for portability and not purchase another mixer.

My workaround would be to purchase a 2-channel Avio interface and connect it to a 2-channel headphone amp. It's not a preferred option but would work.

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answered Sep 16, 2020 by michaelmoore49 (140 points)
I have the same issue at my church. We are using a windows laptop for livestreaming and there is no playback audio device function. It only has one audio device. However, I can not figure out a way to use the dante as both the input and output.

Also, I think it is interesting that on the mac version, there is the ability to pick both a playback and recording device for the audio settings.

I tried to use and their software but the dante was not compatible at this time.