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Assigning the Fader on the Impact XT Track (in the Timeline).

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asked Jun 19, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by silvanstuble (540 points)
When creating an instance of Impact XT, Studio One creates a bunch of channels on the mixer. While that's fine, I would like to be able to "turn that feature off, so I only have to deal with one fader. (Especially when working on quick sketches. And each pad has a volume knob already.) I understand it's a useful feature, but what I really dislike most about it, is that I can't quickly adjust the volume of the drums as a whole on the Fader in the info-panel.

A solution might be to create a group track, that correlates with the effects/ fader of the info panel of the instrument track in the timeline.

Other question: Is it possible to do any of these things already in some "hidden" way?

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