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Copy Pad Between Banks In Impact XT? Between Different Instances?

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asked Dec 10, 2018 in Studio One 4 by rickycooke (4,790 points)
Is it possible to copy a pad from one bank to another in Impact XT? For example, if I have a kit that spreads past bank A, and I want a pad in bank B to be moved to bank A, is that possible? I know I can copy a pad within the same bank via holding the cmd key while dragging it. I can't do with between banks. If it isn't currently possible, this is something that should be implemented and would get many Battery 4 users to convert to Impact XT. Copying pads between different instances of Impact XT would be highly beneficial as well. These are the only thing holding me back from ditching Battery 4 completely.

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answered Dec 23, 2018 by andrrippstein (4,140 points)
Open Impact XT, then click the pin symbol near the upper right corner. Now open a second instance of Impact XT with no kit loaded. You can now drag and drop pads from the first instance to the second instance. Klick the pad once, then hold down CTRL-Key on PC, klick an drag the pad to the desired pad in your second instance. No swich to desired bank on first instance and then drag the pad from the second instance to the desired pad in your first instance.