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How do I set everything up?

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asked Jun 20 in AudioBox USB by sophiasanikidze (130 points)
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I am volunteering for learning ally, where I record audiobooks. I purchased one of their recommended packages from PreSonus. It includes an AudioBox USB 96, an M7 Mic, and HD7 2X32 OHMS headphones. I am currently using a Mac. So far, the only thing this works for is GarageBand, and nothing else, and I would prefer to use other software. I have checked the Quick Start Guide and the Owner's manual, to no avail. Is this only compatible with certain kinds of software, and if not, how do I use it?

Also, I should say I'm really not great with this part of tech, so it's very possible that the answer is here with me and I just missed it, so I'm sorry if that's the case. I just genuinely do not understand how this words.

Update: Now GarageBand won't work either.

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answered Jun 20 by ryanm1 (7,170 points)
You didn't say what software you're trying to use... but generally, go into the settings of the software and select audiobox as your input/output device. Probably want to select 24 bit and 44.1 as your bit rate/sample rate, and make sure this setting matches on your Mac settings.