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UC Mixer Not Showing Up with Audiobox 1818VSL

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asked Apr 10, 2021 in AudioBox VSL Series by heysusthehammer (130 points)
I just upgraded to the latest UC 3.4.2 (March 2021) and also updated the firmware on my Audiobox 1818VSL to v1.49.  The Audiobox shows up in the UC window but when I try and click on it, it does not take me to the UC mixer (it looks disabled to me for some reason, see screenshot below).  The Audiobox shows up in my OS, Audio MIDI setup, and also works fine in Studio One.  I'm running on Catalina (Mac). Note that I have not or ever installed the old VSL software on this mac.  I couldn't find any actual answer to this in the support forums.  Any help is appreciated.

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answered May 3, 2021 by researchdnb (150 points)
I'm experiencing the exact same issue with both a brand new Audiobox USB 96 and a brand new Studio 24c.  Submitted a ticket but have not gotten a response yet, although its only been 48 hours and the ticket was submitted this past Saturday.  

After seeing all these topics, it appears we need a patch to patch the latest patch UC update........