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Alternate spellings of the displayed chords

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asked Jun 22, 2020 in MIDI Editing by ray19335 (2,770 points)
  • A useful addition to the Chord Track would be to allow alternate spellings of the displayed chords. Melodyne 5 has user prefs for how chords should be displayed.

    Example, if you want a C7#5 chord, S1 Chord Track reformats it and displays "C+7".
    If you want C7#11, you get "C7 add#11".
    Many players reading charts are uncomfortable with unusual re-spellings of chords. Chord spelling and display are also somewhat regional.

    This gets worse if you use Notion to create charts for people. Once you send to Notion, you now have an extra job--making the chords read as you want them to.

    Why not just have a lookup table of substitute spellings (under the hood) so that even if the S1 engine needs to use "C+7" for its real-time transposition functions in the application, the user could have the option of writing in "C7#5".

    The same is true for the diminished chord and diminished 7 (they are NOT the same chord). If you need a C°7 you cannot get it; only a triad is available. If you add the "7" to the diminished you get a minor seven flat five. C°7 is C-Eb-Gb-A (actually C-Eb-Gb-Bbb) and Cm7b5 is C-Eb-Gb-Bb

    And that's another chord that players want/need spelled out differently depending on where you are in the world. The "Cø7" is not the same as seeing "Cm7b5"

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answered Jul 11, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (230,570 points)
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