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PreSonus audiobox USB disables sounds after i wake up my windows 10 PC

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asked Jun 27 in AudioBox USB by ricardobribiescas (160 points)
edited Jun 27 by ricardobribiescas
As the title says everytime i put my PC with windows 10 to sleep i lose sound after i wake it up. This didnt happened before i updated the universal control app two days ago and started to happen.

how can i fix it or what is going on.

I have tried starting and stopping  windows audio

i have tried disabling allow to turn computer off this device to save power under device manager for the usb root hub

the only thing that fixes this is restarting the PC which defeats the purpose of the sleep mode

Also what fixes it is disconnecting the usb cable and reconnecting which is totally  dumb

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answered Jun 27 by chrisgreaves1 (140 points)
Sorry l have no answer. Just replying because mine is doing exactly the same. Help.
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answered Jun 30 by ricardobribiescas (160 points)
no one really?
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answered Sep 13 by stphanelvesque (140 points)
Same problem here.

When my PC goes to silent mode, the sound card stops working. It was doing this with my old PC and I just got another one. Same problem. This is very annoying, I'm thinking about changing sound card.
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answered Oct 12 by hoss33 (140 points)
Same on my Mac :(