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Crackling from AudioBox USB 96 (Windows 10 + Ableton Live 10 Suite )

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asked Oct 19, 2020 in AudioBox USB by tonyverdicchio (120 points)
My AudioBox USB 96 is frequently crackling like a campfire when playing back audio. This includes studio use for Ableton Live 10, or even when using Spotify on my computer. I have tried reducing all CPU usage, configuring settings for latency, and reinstalling drivers. I am running ASIO drivers at 128 samples and 44.1 khz sample rate.

My computer is a brand new PC I built with 8 cores and 16 GB of RAM. I have five fans cooling it, and when using Serum it only reaches a maximum CPU usage of 45%. It's definitely not the PC overloading.

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answered Oct 21, 2020 by miriamsabel (310 points)
I have a similar issue. It helped when I moved my AudioBox farther from my PC, and when I adjusted my sample rate.
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answered Nov 4, 2020 by jbremer (280 points)
Mines doing the same thing. I can't figure out how to fix it. Let me know if you guys find the fix. I have a Acer Nitro laptop with 16gb ram and i5 processor. Windows 10.
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answered Aug 15, 2021 by jeffgillilan (450 points)
My Studio Live 32R has been crackling during playback ever since I purchased the system using Studio One now up to v5. It will not crackle when imported into Sound Forge Pro for further editing and also when exporting to a wave file. The bass guitar is the worse. I have tried everything imaginable with no luck. Just something I have to live with. Now I am having trouble getting my UC console to boot up after clicking on the 32R icon. The wheel spins and spins. After a restart (maybe two) I can get the UC console to pop up. Another issue I may have to live with for now. (everything imaginable done again)