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Connection problems between my PC and the Audiobox USB96

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asked Mar 5, 2021 in AudioBox USB by fabianfeldtkeller (200 points)
(I just bought the Studio Ultimate Bundle, so it is new.)

The Audiobox is recognizes by Windows but if i select it as my sound output, there is a little pop and then silence.
-Youtube is stopping for a moment and shows the loading circle and than continues to play the video but i get no audio.
-Spotify say it is no able to play musik after a moment, also not making a sound excapt the little pop
-Playing a MP3 doen't work either

I had it conneced with my Ableton Live 10 yesterday and it worked just fine, now it says it can not be activated.

It is plugt in the back side of my PC in USB2 with a cable that worked previously. It is recogniced by Universal Control.

Anybody any idea how to get it running properly?

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answered Mar 8, 2021 by stephenreid1 (200 points)
I was having a similar problem - If I had a You Tube video running and I switched back to Studio One, the video would either stop and just look like it was buffering, or the sound would drop out.  I think I managed to fix it, as it isn't happening anymore. The problem was the sample rate for the computer speakers/Audio box were set differently - in the "sounds" setting on computer, the sample rate was set at 48khz, while the setting in Universal Control was set at 44.1 Khz.

Initially, I tried setting the Audio box to 48khz in UC, but it kept popping back to 44.1 khz (that is another issue with UC that I have a question into support about - when I click on the Audio Box Icon in UC, nothing happens  - but I'm waiting to hear back). Anyway, I went into the "sounds" setting on my computer:

- clicked on speakers;

- clicked on properties;

- clicked on advanced;

- then changed sample rate to 24 bit, 44,1000 hz. I also made sure exclusive mode was unchecked. I read in another post that this may cause problems if it was checked.

SO I made sure these were the settings for the both sets of speakers in my sounds settings (Audiobox and computer). Not sure if I needed to to that, but since I did, everything appears to be working ok. I can switch back and forth between YouTUbe and Studio one, or anything else playing audio, and everything continues to play.

Hope this helps