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closed FR: Allow automating ALL parameters in automation clips / part automation

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asked Feb 21, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by masterJoe (2,480 points)
closed Feb 29, 2016 by LMike
Some parameters are still not accessible when using part automation in S3. E.g. automating the volume of a bus can't be done in a part automation. Only track automation is available for this.

Many other parameters can't be automated via part automation. Please open up part automation to include ALL (I mean: all!) automatable parameters of Studio One and its plugins (including 3rd party plugins).

In order to support this it would be nice to be able to create parts (including ghost copies of parts) on an automation track. Currently automation tracks do not allow the creation of parts. These parts on automation tracks should be able to host ANY automation data for ANY parameter in a song.