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Studio One 3 to Studio One 5 upgrade

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asked Jul 8, 2020 in Studio One 5 by xytrouble07 (870 points)
Hey there internet I wanted to ask a few questions about studio one 5 before I go on and upgrade it.

I'm currently running Studio One 3.5 Professional and it is working well for me,but I do like many of the features that 5 has to offer.

My first question is will my Studio one 3 projects open in studio 5? and if so what are the caveats when jumping from 2 generations down. I have a ton of demos I have been working on, not the end of the world if I get a slowed down, but just wondering what I have to look out for.

I do not know if anyone here has had any issues with Wave plugins but I have had several issues with them since I'm still running Waves 9, does Studio One 5 deal with these better? I know its not a Studio One 3's fault. The DAW handles other plugins really well. Pro Tools has the same issue in which wave plugins crash all the time, only difference is Pro Tools just closes and locks up completely, Studio One just ignores them and disables them for the project. Upon speaking to Waves about it they recommond the only fix is to pay them $300 to upgrade all of them.

Thats all my questions hopefully someone can answer these questions


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