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Midi assignments to controller not remembered when starting a new song

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asked Jul 9 in Studio One 5 by federicosilva (3,450 points)
If I create a couple of assignments to my midi controller, like mapping a button for next channel, when I start a new song those assignments are gone. Don't know if this is a bug or a missing feature. Either way it makes the assignments kind of useless if you have to set up every button each time you start a new song.

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answered Jul 10 by stanthompson2 (1,250 points)
If saving the song or saving as a template (even if you do not use the template) does not save your assignments, you may have to create a generic MIDI keyboard under options in S! and a generic (or blank) preset on your MIDI keyboard controller then map every knob, fader and button manually. Remember there are global and instrument maps and some assignments that are in the global maps are also in the instrument maps. It's time consuming but if it fixes your issue... StanT
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answered Jul 10 by federicosilva (3,450 points)

I'll give you more information, I think I got the case when this happens. The midi device I have mapped is a Launchpad X, I did all the steps to configure it, creating a new midi keyboard and learning every button. If I start a new song and add, for example a couple of assignments like this:

You can see I have two buttons assigned to actions. 

If I close S1 and start a new song it's ok, my mappings are still there, but if I open an old song that doesn't have this mappings, it gets overwritten somehow. After that if I close and open S1 again and start a new song I get this:

I hope that clarifies the issue a bit more. 

This sounds like a bug to me because opening a song should't overwrite the mappings of a template or of a new song. 


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answered Jul 11 by stanthompson2 (1,250 points)
I forgot to mention; if your Launchpad X device has a way to save a built in or generic S1 preset after you assign the buttons (like I can on my Akai MPK261) and you assign those buttons in focus:instruments maps instead of global maps and it still does not work, then you are right, its probably a bug
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answered Jul 13 by federicosilva (3,450 points)
I'm not sure what you mean by saving saving a generic preset on the launchpad, I'm using a custom mode I created for it, so I'm sure the values I'm sending to SO are always the same. What gets lost when I change songs is the actual assignment inside SO. Haven't played enough with the focus mode to be sure is working properly.