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Guitar Pro support

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asked Jul 10 in Notion Feature Requests by aka_busker (16,860 points)
Could we get some support for importing and editing Guitar Pro files?  I find it easier to edit guitar based parts on the Guitar Pro program.  GP files support midi xml, can score multiple instruments like strings, membraphones, drums etc.  To be able to swap these files between Guitar Pro and Notion would be a massive workflow booster.  

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answered Jul 11 by wcreed (1,370 points)
So can't you use the XML?
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answered Jul 12 by aka_busker (16,860 points)
I haven't tried MusicXML yet.  I will now though as it's a file format I have ignored.  Actually, to be fair, I am in a massive experimentation stage with Notion, Guitar Pro, Studio One V5 and Melodyne v5.  All kinds of files flying in between all of them.  The process is is more interesting than the results, while the results are technically mind blowing.