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Multiple Listen Buses

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asked Jul 10, 2020 in Mixing by pthuriot (1,400 points)
Add the ability to have multiple "Listen Buses" to use for mutliple monitoring systems/ headphone setups.  

One Listen Bus on the Main Out set to have something like Sonarworks correction software for the monitors, and another for the headphones output (yet still coming from the Main Out).  

"Another" popular software has the ability to have such vst plugins on different outputs so no matter what output the sound is coming from, the correction software is already setup right for the user.

I can do this now (version 4) with the Pipeline VST plugin and any other number of outputs.  Unfortunately this seems a better solution than the new Listen Bus's current implementation to properly mimic such a useage.

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answered Jul 21, 2020 by benreaves (11,280 points)

I'm asking for something really similar with the Control Room/master section FR. I think multiple Listen Buses would be a bare minimum, and would probably look messier in the Console than my FR, but would actually do something to solve the problem. Unlike the current implementation of the Listen Bus, which only exists on the Song page.

Here's the "Control Room" FR I mentioned:

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answered Nov 10, 2020 by jasonlillebo (2,010 points)
I have also asked for a cubase like control room. Its just so well done.

But having multiple listen buses would also work. I just want to use different correction stuff for my monitors and my headphoned, without having to switch stuff on or off
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answered Feb 19 by estevancarlosbenson (1,060 points)
I agree with this if S1 decides not to create a "Control Room" similar to Cubase. An actual "Control Room" feature would be the next feature that can allow me to no longer rely on Cubase.