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Problem with 48k rate Send to Studio One (or Send Score) as notes - arbitrary rate change to 44.1k

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asked Jul 13, 2020 in Notion by leedickholtz (1,370 points)

I am having an issue with Notion's Send to Studio One or Send Score to Studio One (notes) feature, when my sample rate is set to 48K. Having this problem in the latest Notion, and previous versions, since I began working in 48K. Had the problem in Studio One 4.x as well as Studio One 5.

My audio interface is an Apollo Twin X Quad Thunderbolt.

As soon as I click 'Send to Studio One' (or Send Score,) as notes, I hear the Apollo's relay click, same as it always does when switching between rates that are multiples of 44.1k vs. 48k. When my song gets to Studio One, its 48k rate has been switched to 44.1k. Of course, I can change the song to 48k, but each time this happens, I lose sound output from Notion, until I switch Notion to a different driver and back. Sometimes I even need to force Notion to quit, potentially losing my recent work.

I keep all my audio and video applications working set at 48k, to be compatible with streaming video. When this arbitrary sample rate switch occurs, it causes problems in other applications as well... any streaming gets switched to a slower rate.

I have tried all three different Apollo Thunderbolt drivers in Notion, but the problem persists. The Apollo doesn't work with ASIO4ALL - Universal Audio said I should remove it from the system... can cause issues with their drivers.

I use the 'Send to Studio One' feature as many as 5 to 10 times on some days, so all this hoop jumping gets to be a drag... Unfortunately, UAD and PreSonus are telling me 'not their fault', 'unsupported', etc.

Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue? Any suggestions for a fix or practical work-around?

Thank you!

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