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Will changing my sample rate from 48 to 44.1 cause problems

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asked Apr 13, 2021 in Studio One 5 by douganderson2 (420 points)
I am having plugins freeze on certain songs. Studio One 5.2 and plugins are up to date. Plugins are VST3 as well so there should be no problems. I am working from downloaded stems so maybe they were recorded in 44.1 while I am processing in 48kHz.

Could that be the problem?

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answered Apr 14, 2021 by aka_busker (32,320 points)
Hi there, mixing sample rates can cause issues with playback speed and pitch.  If you have been given 44.1k stems, I would match the project sample rate. So if you are given 44.1Khz stems make your project 44.1khz.  It will avoid artefact issues.  
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answered Apr 15, 2021 by normanriley (4,900 points)
Downsampling from 48 to 44.1 kHz should not cause problems. Going the other way may very well create problems and may be the reason you're having the issues you describe.  The sample rate you use for recording and processing should ALWAYS match the sample rate of your audio interface - or in this case, whatever audio interface setting was used to to create the stems you're working with.