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Why a flat upgrade price for all pro versions?

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asked Jul 14 in Studio One 5 by olamo (170 points)
Very cool for version 1-2  owners, not so cool for version 4 owners..

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answered Jul 14 by chrissederqvist1 (2,300 points)
I totally agree.

There are many models to choose from in terms of customer loyalty bonuses.

What PreSonus has done here, and with the whole "Sphere" thing, is to take all that customer loyalty related stuff and just set it on fire.

Letting it burn until it dies, really...

I get the same price if I "own" a version of StudioOne Artist 3 (thrown after you for the last four years or so, for free when buying interfaces etc) or if I want to upgrade my StudioOne Professional 4 license, purchased in April 2019.

While I generally am a believer in the "upgrade any pro version you've got to the latest pro version" thing, like Propellerhead has done for ever with the Reason DAW, I think it's appalling to NOT give any loyalty bonus for Pro customers on the latest version vs ANYONE on a Artist version from many years ago. This is the end of the line for my perpetual license upgrade deals with PreSonus. Not going to purchase another version again.

What I will do however is to join that crowd of bastards that can download everything for €14.99 / month or whatever...

As much as I hate subscriptions, this is as good as they get. And no more bitter feelings for having bought "Version X".

It's like the price of three Starbucks Mocca, and much better for your health!
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answered Jul 14 by federicosilva (3,430 points)

Agree, the upgrade pricing policy sucks.

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answered Jul 16 by markbeling (1,100 points)
I think Presonus is becoming like most other bigger corporations now.

Also , I find V5 to be as buggy as heck!

I have been having MAJOR issue with Studio One 5 .
When it’s open and in use, my main Drive ( using OSX Mojave) space gets used up and nearly filled leaving no space left.

Then when I close Studio One, I get My hard drive space back slowly , within 15 minutes I have me 20 or so GB free space back .

Another issue is sometimes it uses up to , get this , 54 gigs of application memory. Obviously the Mac is incapable of functioning .

I have sent a ticket to support but haven’t heard anything back yet.

So it looks like I’m going back to an earlier version or over to Cubase for a while untill this issue is sorted...