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Does purchasing an upgrade from Studio one 4 Pro to Studio one 5 Pro will allow side by side installation?

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asked Jul 8 in Studio One 5 by mave1 (230 points)

If i pruchase Studio One 5 Pro upgrade from Studio One 4 Pro, will side by side installation on my computer be possible?

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answered Jul 8 by aka_busker (20,070 points)
This is a question I have been asking myself since the announcement.  Like you I have projects underway in V4 that I don't want 5 touching because of compatibility issues when saving a V4 file in V5.  
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answered Jul 8 by jeffreyshearer (170 points)
Yes, You can. You can not open them together at the same time. I have versions 2 through 4 on my computer.
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answered Jul 9 by davebeacon (770 points)
I do hope that side by side install is true. I have 2 large projects on the go, and don't need to be messin around with plugins not showing, or any other such nonsense in S1 5.. Then gradually bring songs into the new version as i learn to trust it ha ha
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answered Jul 14 by gregorywendfeldt (930 points)
Yes, they are side by side on your computer. In your PreSonus account too.