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Installing Sphere over S1 v5 Artist

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asked Jul 15, 2020 in Studio One+ by tedmawson (300 points)
I bought a Studio 68c and installed the S1 v5 Artist license that came with it. Yesterday I subscribed to Sphere and did a Sphere download and install.  Now Help > About says Studio One Artist at the top of the box but it also says "PreSonus Sphere has been activated on this computer" lower down.  I went to my PreSonus page and tried to download the big list of stuff there but everything I tried to add so far seems to install and then run up S1 and then says "the xxxxxx application is already installed on this computer" .

Am I missing something obvious? If it says Artist under Help > About, am I even running Pro/Sphere?  

I thought that Artist was a subset of Pro/Sphere so I attempted an on-top-of-Artist install of Sphere and it didn't complain. Should I uninstall S1 v5 Artist and then reinstall from scratch?

Please clarify what steps I should take to install Sphere and how I can see what's already installed so that I download only the things I don't already have installed.


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answered Jul 15, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
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You'll need to log into your account and download Studio One Pro v5.

Then it will install over top of your Studio One Artist v5. 

When you launch Studio One Pro v5 you should see a screen that looks like this where the Activate with PreSonus Sphere is already checked, all you need to do is click the Green Button to Activate.

If you don't see this right away, you can easily get to it by selecting Studio One in the menu bar and selecting Activation. 

Once Studio One Pro has been activated, then the download window will appear and you'll be able to download all the content you couldn't before. 

If you're continuing to have trouble consider reading this article:

If you're still having issues please contact the support team so a dedicated support tech can assist you. 

You can open a ticket through your account or by visiting


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answered Jul 15, 2020 by tedmawson (300 points)
Nope, same as before. The installed version is Artist, the license key is the one listed under artist, and th elist of available downloads includes Melodyne trial so clearly I'm stuck on Artist.  This shouldn't be this difficult, I'll raise a ticket.
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answered Jul 16, 2020 by tedmawson (300 points)
Thanks. I was able to get to the Sphere license from the menu as you suggested.  Now I understand that my PC can have multiple licenses stored and I can choose which one I'm using; that was what I was missing.