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Faderport - Can I "Edit Plugin" and still have control of channel fader?

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asked Jul 18 in FaderPort 8 by grantbarbour (400 points)
Sometimes while I'm editing a plugin using the faderport I want to adjust the channel/track volume too, simultaneously. For example, boosting the high shelf on an EQ while pulling the overall channel volume back. I'm running a Faderport 8 with the latest firmware and studio one 5.

I realise getting to the channel fader is only one button push away but then I can't tweak both the plugin and the channel fader at the same time! I've resorted to using my mouse on the channel fader but I'm sure there must be a way for me to do this from the Faderport? Ideally I'd love the channel fader to be on the pan/para or the session control knob. That'd be excellent.

Can anyone help?

PS - the pages feature on the edit plugin is buggy as hell for me. I've mapped out lots of plugins across multiple pages and every now and then when I got into edit plugin it displays "page 1/1". Closing the song and re-opening fixes it but happens quite regularly and I can't see why!

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