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Faderport Classic with S1 4.6 volume fader constantly changing volume on channel

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asked Jan 19, 2021 in FaderPort Classic by gurnard1 (830 points)
I have a Faderport classic. I just installed it and cracked open Studio One. Everything works as expected except for the volume fader.

When mix panel is open the channel in S1 is constantly chaning the DB in the volume by 0.2 plus or minus. So the channel is selected in the mix panel in S1 the Faderport is connected to the PC I am not touching anything and the volume is fluctuating on the channel constantly. If I move to another channel the volume is automatically ramped up to +10.0 db and then it starts flucuating on that channel.

I have tried different combinations of drivers that I have found in different places and an older version of the universal controller but nothing changes. Still this issue. It makes the thing unusable as every channel I select it ramps it up to 10!?

I am on windows 10 64bit running 4.6.2 Studio one artist.

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answered Feb 11, 2021 by gurnard1 (830 points)
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I contacted PreSonus and they say it is end of life so not supported anymore. They suggested they can send the circuit schematic which might suggest it is a hardware problem. I was lucky I bought it through Reverb and got a refund.  Basically I sent it back. Guess it just does not work with any tech from the last 10 years or so.
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answered Feb 11, 2021 by javierramallogarrido (160 points)
I hace the same problem. I my case with REAPER.

I have no unswer for this neither.