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Can you automate parameters of the instrument itself with the Faderport 8?

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asked Jul 25 in FaderPort 8 by johnvallely (170 points)

Hi guys,

Has anyone found a way to control software instrument parameters using the Faderport 8? (not plugins) I would really like to be able to control the dynamics / expression and vibrato of my virtual string instruments. 

I've read on another source that you can "press FX and ‘not’ select an insert/send, and the rotary encoders would control the instrument by default". 

However, this does not function for me. Any time I select anything from this panel (Audio / VI / Bus / VCA), the "all" light starts flashing. I've recorded a video here to show you:

Is there a problem with the Faderport or have I missed something? 

I'm using a MacBook Pro: macOS Catalina 10.15.6 and Logic Pro X. The faderport is new and up to date with Universal Control. 

Thanks for your time, 

1 Answer

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answered Jul 25 by Baphometrix (1,510 points)
Yes, it works. New Studio One 5 user. Just got a Faderport 8 this week. You left your FP8 in "Track" mode the entire time. To switch into the mode where the faders will control plugin AND INSTRUMENT parameters, you have to press the "Edit Plugins" button on the FP8.  Then just move one fader (and see it be listed in the upper left of the S1 window). Then make sure your Instrument Editor window is open (the GUI for the instrument itself) and touch any parameter with your mouse. See that value also be listed in the upper left of the S1 window? Now click the triangle in the middle between those two values. When it turns yellow, that fader is now linked to that parameter of the instrument.